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If you would like our complimentary Fire Extinguisher Guide please fill out your business information on the "Contact Us" page and submit "Fire Ext Guide" in the message box.

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Anaconda Protective Concepts is also able to inspect, test, and install your fire extinguishers. For customer convenience, we offer a replacement or swap program for extinguishers requiring service. Simply, if your fire extinguishers are in need of repair we will swap your faulty fire extinguisher for a replacement working fire extinguisher. Then, once repairs and testing are complete the fire extinguishers would be swapped back to their original locations.


APC has worked with WSI for a few years, we recently serviced 256 10lb ABC fire extinguishers

Many of our clients are apartment complexes and housing communities.  We routinely service and install fire extinguishers throughout these complexes; places like Eastgate Village Apartments and Maryland Park Apartments.

Maryland Park Apartments

Anaconda Protective Concepts

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